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Monday, 24 September 2012

Earn Money Online By Writing Articles

If you love to write and have original writing content to share? There is a community Hubpages that can help you earning by writing articles. Share by writing hubs and articles by signing up on Hubpages. Want to earn online by sitting home with extra writing skills, then set an easy reminder to join Hubpages. Fill your pockets with your original thoughts with easy writing articles.

Hubpages :
HubPages is a social content community and website for writers. HubPages is renowned user generated content, revenue-sharing website. Hubpages site launched in August 2006. Members known as "Hubbers" are provided with their own free sub-domain name after signing up on Hubpages. With that sub-domain name hubbers can post magazine style articles. These articles are referred as Hubs. Hubpages Hubbers are encouraged to enrich their article text like with photos, maps, embedding videos, external links and reader surveys etc.
Earning :
Hubbers earns revenue through advertisements. HubPages includes own Advertising Program, eBay, Google Adsense and Amazon. eBay and AdSense earnings accumulate along with hubbers HubPages Ad Program earnings which helps to reach payout faster.

What is a Hub?
A Hub is a magazine-style article, we can say longer than a blog post covering a specific subject.

How Hubpages help Hubbers?
To help hubbers, to improve their online writing skills, HubPages offer a Learning Center, HubChallenges, contests etc. In addition to this, HubPages offers Apprenticeship Program. The Apprenticeship Program is a 6 month course. This program aims to help users create a strong online portfolio. Hubbers are benefitted from the comments. Comments can be posted on their hubs by anyone who visits each individual hub, so giving them a sense of what others readers think of their articles & subject knowledge. Writers on Hubpages can also greatly benefit from the forums section where questions, answers and concerns are shared by the Hubpages community.

The most important, Hubbers retain all intellectual property rights. SO, with this right, Hubbers can delete their hubs at any time.