Google мσ∂σηιкα : will remember important dates for you to not to forget.

Sunday, 16 September 2012 will remember important dates for you to not to forget.

Hey world...
Do you keep forgetting important dates? Like special someone's birthday date, client appointment,  conference calls etc. Even i do sometimes.  There is an online solution for this problem, which will make out of all forgetting dramas. Now, it will not be a BIG DEAL to remember all infinitable dates. Its name is This online solution will help you in remembering important dates so that you can stay close to your near and dear-ones.
There are some internet websites or online sites which help you to remember important dates. It has become a trend to forget things and very difficult to remember small-small things, anniversary dates, occasion dates and other important dates in day today’s life. If you forget important dates and events, this is you who have to suffer and your loved ones too remembering important dates to their users by mailing or through SMS e.g. Interesting thing is that you can also win gifts and lucky draws on subscribing easyreminders4u.

What do? provides emails and SMS reminders users would like to remember.  It’s the first reminder service website of India according to president to easyreminders4u. It took birth a year ago and has crossed the limit of 20000 registered users. provides two options to its users.
First: free service means free registration for it. The website will not charge you anything. After some time your free service will be closed automatically.

Second: registration for 1 year subscription in Rs 365/-
With this, the first reminder will give its users enough time to prepare themselves for the forthcoming event and dates. Do not forget to register yourself  on Make sure to remind it to yourself to get register. :)