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Friday, 26 October 2012

Microsoft Operating System Windows 8 Unveiled with Text to Touch Features

Microsoft Windows8 has blur the boundaries of tablet and computer, text to touch features. Microsoft launched new "Operating System Windows 8" in India just before its launch in the US. Microsoft unveils it in an event held in New Delhi on Thursday. Microsoft Windows 8 is the latest and one of the most awaited operating system till now.

Windows 8 Availability : It is available in 2 versions, that are,
  1. Windows 8 
  2. Windows 8 Pro
Windows 8 Features:
Windows 8 Start screen - Start screen features the same kind of live tabs as Windows Phone home screen.
Windows 8 touch
- Its great because of new Start Screen an interface built for touch.
Windows 8 charms - These charms enable user to access Start Screen on touch device, contains buttons like Search, Devices,Share & Settings and provide quick access.
Better multiple monitor support
 - It means, now have one monitor for Start Screen and another for the desktop. Or you can choose Windows 8 Desktop and task-bar visible on both screens.
Windows Store - Windows 8 Store offering desktop and Modern UI apps for free and on paid basis. Other Interesting features of new version windows is Windows 8 cloud integration,Windows 8 search and social etc.

These will break all the difference between computer, mobile & tablet OS, by bringing all on one platform means same for all. Latest Windows8 can be controlled using touch with tablets and with mouse and keyboard with desktops.

In India, Microsoft has partnered with 14 manufacturer companies like Dell, HP, Lenovo,  Acer, HCL, Asus and other companies. These companies devices (approx. 250 new devices) will run on the latest Windows OS. All these new devices would be available over 100 cities across 2500 stores in India. Windows 8 devices has Windows App store, adds around 700 apps daily. Windows XP or Windows 7 users can upgrade to Windows 8.

Note: Users who bought PC June 2,2012 onwards and till January 31,2013, can upgrade windows from windows 7 to Windows 8 for Rs. 699. Other windows can update their OS through an electronic software download priced Rs. 1,999.
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