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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Types of Ignorance and Forms of Ignorance

Are you aware of the types and forms of Ignorance. Or you too falls in category ignorant like me.. Just kidding readers. I came up with this topic coincidentally while reading. So, I made up my mind to write upon it.

Three Types of Ignorance (known to me) :
Vincible Ignorance

Invincible Ignorance


Meaning of these three types of Ignorance:

Vincible Ignorance: lack of knowledge in which a rational person is capable of acquiring by making an effort

Invincible Ignorance: lack of knowledge in which a person has no way to obtain

Nescience: lack of knowledge which doesn't matter in the circumstances

Forms of Ignorance
There are different forms of Ignorance. I can say, knowingly or unknowingly people have these qualities in them.
Symptoms of  forms of Ignorance :
  • When people start Initiating arguments they can not handle. 
  • Person Rejecting something no idea about.
  • Sometimes, people get hold on strong opinions about things they do not know.
  • I always met with people who keep Criticising what they can't understand.
  • What you are thinking, other symptom is Thinking that you know when you actually do not know. 
  • Last but not least, people usually Underestimate big things and Overestimate small things. 

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