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Thursday, 15 November 2012

Top Five blogging topics for beginner bloggers- Part 2

I am back with the topic “Top Five blogging topics for beginner bloggers- Part 2”. I explained some blog topics in my previous blog post with the title “Top Five blogging topics for beginner bloggers- part 1”. Again I came up with some of the new blog topics for new bloggers to start a blog. These are the only few topics that came up the top of my head. I would say, one must resist the temptation of giving up. If you want to add up the list, I would love to hear on what you are writing and which new blog topics you are coming up with. Lets start with my blog list. Note down :

F. Address Customer Fears: Try to pick a touchy subject. If you sell products, it can be a good blog topic. People are always worried about their money, products bought and services offered. Address them with your suggestions and subject knowledge if they have invested on good product or service. If they are part of the deep water or apart it. Explain the prons and cones of product and service.

G. Story about Business: Who does not love stories and sharing stories about themselves is just an awesome feeling. Whether it’s a success story or come from behind story, tell people out there. People love to read stories and real experiences of life for other people who are struggling.

H. Write A Series: Choose a topic. Turn it into a theme. You have to just to do break it down into smaller components. For example : android - android market - android applications - android based new mobile phones etc. What I am writing on is also a part of it.

I. Give a list of writing opportunities: Tell people about writing opportunities available. List out the websites or make a blog-post to give proper explanation with sign-up to final step. Like is good platform.

J. Teach Something: Teaching something is quite interesting blog topics. You are successful if you have that something. Take that something out from you and turn it into a how-to project like e-learning. Even if it’s about installing any software or hardware in computers, go ahead and tell your customers how to install.

Most of the people are eager into “HOW-TO”. Do not ever afraid to tell your views and opinion. Sometimes, people have common issues at the same time when you are writing down.

A successful blogger and great blog takes time, I would say too much time sometimes than many people realize. It’s not like to see results for one year but even if blog traffic has been oscillating and the only comments must be original, not spam. One may need some good marketing skills. If you know your content is good, then you must not quit. This will not only monetize blog but also prove you as a good author and best content writer.

When you are sitting here and there staring at something, blank laptop screen is not the time to start thinking of blog ideas. One should be thinking about blog ideas all the time whenever and wherever possible. For me, everything screams like “BLOG POST”. 

Choose one of these blog topics to start and run with it. Bookmark my blog. Give a shot with these coolest ideas to your blog. Keep coming back to my blog again and again you want.
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