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Thursday, 13 December 2012

Chinese Cheongsam : New Trend in Women Dresses

A woman never gets fed up of her clothing and to buy new fashion clothing for every occasion. Why would she? She have tonnnnns and endless options in women dresses. Today, you will read about Chinese Cheongsam. It is a Chinese traditional dress worn by Chinese woman.
Cheongsam is a long dress with high collar and slit skirt. Now a days, it is popular in international world of high fashion. Cheongsam modern flavor emerge in the early of 20th century. It was regarded as the Chinese traditional clothing. It is popular in high fashion streets. From the past till present, it's appearance has changed a lot. The cheongsam female dress has distinctive Chinese features. Previously, the high and tight-fitting collar become semi-circular, right and left sides being symmetrical. Cheongsam sleeves changed from long-sleeves to sleeve less, quarter sleeves, cornet sleeves etc. It's size have changed from long to short and ankle to mid. It's front is simple and flowing without any decoration and waist girth appear as thin as possible. Two big openings is done at either side of the hem for convenient movement. This lovely dress fits well on woman figure, it's comfortable to wear and easy to slip on. You can have high neck cheongsam, closed collar, short, medium or full length sleeves depending on region, season and fashion taste. The dress comes with a loose chest, a fitting waist, buttoned on the right side and slits up from the sides. These all are combined to set off the beauty of the woman shape.
Woman love cheongsam elegant style with a glamorous look. It shows graciousness, look elegant, disposition and shows temperament of women. Cheongsam dress is the traditional costume for Chinese women from the ancient time. The cheongsam’s came out of the reason to stand out women’s beauty. One can found this Chinese dress as a kind of fashion all round the world on the streets whether in fashion shows or town streets. In Chinese weddings, the bridal’s dress include Cheongsam with all it's beauty and charm.
With this change, we can say that it represents people's taste of fashion and clothing styles. It also represents high style spirit, living standards and ambitions towards life.
With the change in clothing designs or styles of fashions in whether talk about woman fashion, woman dresses, woman jewelry or makeup cosmetics, all are so dazzling that you cannot take them all in.
I given a shot to it just to have something new in my wardrobe and so as to create a fusion of Chinese design. I got my cheongsam in leaf green color. I adorn it with a beige color beaded belt. It's tropical prints are eye-catching and fabulous. Lovely fashionistas, I will suggest you to enhance your waist line while wearing new cheongsam dress. All you have to do that add a belt to the dress. Wear kitten heels, canvas shoes, or high heels depending upon the length of your cheongsam. Wear it as formal or casual, look at your best. Hop you will try to get one cheongsam for yourself so as to have new dress. :)