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Monday, 10 December 2012

Easy Steps to Straighten hair without Straightener and Heat

How to make hair straight without flat or curling iron, blow dryer or without the use lots of heat to straighten hair? But you know that all that heat leads to potential damage to hairs. Every woman and girl wants to get beautiful straight hair without causing any damage to hair in easy ways. Woman loves jewelry, clothing, makeup and hair styles. They are addicted of these things in their life occasionally or daily. These all things together make her gorgeous and glamorous. It is possible to straighten natural hair without heat. So, here are some steps with which you can get beautiful straight hair. Read out and get in action.

Steps to straighten hair without straightener and heat:

First step:  Wash your hair thoroughly with your favorite shampoo that you use on regular basis.

Second Step: Now, apply cream conditioner. Leave it for few minutes. Wash it.

When you will complete the washing process then drying process will start.

Third Step: Take a dry towel and tie it around your hair. Now, let the towel do its magic of absorbing all the water get dries out from your hair.

Fourth Step: Take the towel out of hair, do not dry hair roughly with hands or towel.

Fifth Step: Now dry your hair with hair dryer. Then, you can comb it with your hands which results into soft and smooth hairs. It will help even moisturize your hair.

DONE!! :) 

It is an easy technique to use and do the magic. This technique can be easily used by anyone at home to straighten hair without straightener. These simple steps you can use before any party, function or whenever you want to look fabulous. One need not to roam around beauty saloons and beauty parlors!

Note: Final results will differ depending on the texture, products use and the technique. Also, observe the time and climate conditions of your region when considering how long your straightened style will last!

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