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Monday, 31 December 2012

Modonika Last post of 2012

Last post by Modonika for year 2012. Waving goodbye to this year which soon gonna be a past year. I am heading towards by hugging New year 2013 with new goals and new targets. Wish me good luck pretty friends. I am ready with all my plans for new year and for more hard work.

 Modonika?? whats this? This is upcoming jewelry brand for women's. Modonika includes my name "Monika" and "do'' word just add some flavor :p. Seriously, my mind just click out instantly for it, I found it nice as it sounds great and uniuw as well like a combination of traditional and contemporary. Don't you think so. You must have a good unique name for your brand. I know I got it as Modonika. I love it..❤❤❤
My new year gonna be some tough, exciting and full of new adventures. Now, I am starting my Fashionable Jewelry Online Business. It will make me little busy. This is my dream project. My dream project brand name is "Modonika". Modonika will introduce handmade jewelry and ready-made fashionable jewelry for women's.
It will include
Silver Jewelry,
Ethnic Jewelry,
Bead Jewelry,
Glass Jewelry,
Stone Jewelry,
Plastic Jewelry,
Thread Jewelry,
Crochet Jewelry,
and which I will get learn with the time.
It will also help you to earn free jewelry by participating in contests by Modonika.
So, I am ready to make mark from Facebook page..You can join and show your love by clicking it
For any queries and order,  you can mail on ✍ modonikamonika@gmail.comYou will be assisted as soon as possible. Visit the page to grab some new jewelry to add in your precious jewelry box from MODONIKA for this year 2013. Your precious suggestions will be appreciated.
Need your love and warm wishes lovely friends.. ❤❤❤

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