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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Tips to keep Nails Clean and Healthy

Finger nails everyday do a lot of work. Nails can not be kept too short or too long. They also need rest and want to stay out of nail paints fragrances and nail art decor. You can not paint or done nail art every day. Nails are a very important part on fingers and toes. They help in protecting the tips of our fingers and toes. Give your nails some rest to stay healthy, feel fresh and more shiny looks.

Tips on how to keep nails clean and healthy:

- Wash your hands with warm water and use a tooth brush to clean nails sides and under side part of nails.

- Wear gloves while work like washing, cleaning and dusting.

- After every hand wash or in the night, use hand cream or moisturizing lotion on hands and nails to make them soft and shiny.

- Give 5 minute massage with olive oil or almond oil  to prevent them from looking rough and dry.

- Try to take manicure in one month for healthy hands and nails. It will help to get rid out of cuticles and in cleaning of pores.

- Do not bite your nails and cuticles as these bad habit can lead to serious infections.

The more is your nails are clean and clear, You will be considered as beautiful woman with clean and hygienic appearance.
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