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Saturday, 22 December 2012

Women's Jewelry Trends of 2013

I am waiting for 2013 eagerly.. I know you too..ladies. I just wanna grab 2013 trends about upcoming fashion trends. But I am ready with jewelry fashion trends. Hope you would like to know whats new jewelry and with what kind of jewelry you can set trends for your followers.

Now, Here are my favorite jewelry trends of 2013Vintage Victorian look, geometric, natural and tribal look, you will find every kind of variety in jewelry. Women would be crazy and mad for jewelry more than their makeup and clothes in coming 2013 new year. The jewelry trends would be exciting because of color blocking, new materials and new colors and color combinations.

Girls, you will get lots of choices to grab jewelry for every occasion and events. The chunky bright shades and unique shapes will fell your heart out. Fluorescent and plastics materials, candy colors, pastel shades will make coming 2013 year much delicious and yummy.
So, let me share coming up Women's Jewelry Trends 2013 :
1. Rose Gold

2Bold Cuff Bracelet
3. White and Yellow Gold Jewelry
4. NEON Jewelry
5. Metal Chain Jewelry
6. Geometric Jewelry
7. Pearl Jewelry
  8. Colored Gemstones

Emerald color is declared as "color of the year 2013" by Pantone. You can reuse geometric pieces that you already have in your precious jewelry box or you can buy from anywhere from local street to popular jewelry brands. Street stylers will love geometric pieces hanging in their necks and ears. Earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets will add color to your outfit and make more adorable and fashionable. Try to get some pieces from every kind of jewelry so you can have bright and vivid colors in your jewelry box. Later, you can mix-n-match with your daily outfits and party wearing dresses.

According to Press Release of Jewelers of America
"The 2013 jewelry trends featured included: statement necklaces; shoulder-sweeping colored gemstone earrings; unique colored gemstones, like boulder opals, watermelon tourmaline and rough-cut quartz; sterling silver jewelry; big and bold pearls; beyond-bridal platinum."

Be sure to be chained up your waist with metal chains, specially large metal link chains is gonna be the most popular trends for 2013. These metal link chains will also cop up with a variety of women accessories such as bracelets, belts, handbags, and even shoes. In 2013 fashion trend, more jewelry with simple clothes gonna be popular. You can add bold pieces of statement necklaces, simple & bold cuff bracelet, hoop and danglers metallic earrings to add a spark to any of your daily outfit. This year you will seeing people wearing simple clothes with color blocking jewelry. You will find  lot of simple cuffs when it comes to design but they called bold because of it's metal finishes and colors. You can set trends in pear groups, street fashion and high fashion. So, get, set, go with your own way with 2013 jewelry trends.

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