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Saturday, 19 January 2013

Look GROWN UP with New Hair Cut

I wish to have something New. BUT what?? I came up with an idea, why not to make myself new. It was to have a hair cut. Get a Haircut to rejuvenate yourself in this new year. I was just bore of my looks with high top bun and with same face. I can not change my face, But hair style... YES, I can. So, I had it to change my looks to get new personality. What I believe is, nothing can make your mood and change in personality as a haircut do.

I do not want any fiery hue because my hairs already have it, I think so. I get my haircut done from Nasir Hair Saloon. He is an expert in all kind of women hair cuts. I took an appointment for Friday morning. I have fine straight hairs with natural red brown color. So, I prefer to have layer cut to make them sleek, little bouncy and fuller length. I love my hair color, it's natural and original. People used to get this by paying, God has gifted me with lovely color by birth. I always get compliments for my hair color but with a forward question. People : Which hair color you used?
Me : I never used hair color in my life.

But, surely love to try any other some day. Till then, this one is good for me.
©  Modonika
Now, I would say, I am new brand and grown up. If you feel inspired to make a change then start collecting images of the celebs and persons to whom you want to follow or resemble. Or check out people with same eye color, complexion and age group to match your own style. Now, choose your favorites and take those to your stylist. Hair style play a very important role in women overall personality.

What do you think of my new look?
Would you try this,too?

Photo Credit : My friend
Hair cut : Nasir Hair Saloon
Stylist : Me
Would love to know your opinion.