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Sunday, 6 January 2013

My DIY Nail Haul and VOV Express Finish Lacquer Review

Love DIY?? Of course you do.
Who do not love his own creation..everyone do.
These days, I am totally diving in color swimming pool. I got new nail paints for my nails. I love nail lacquers. I bought many shades because the colors were so lovely to grab in my nail paint box. So, I choose White(stay well) and sky blue(VOV) for nail DIY.

Things used :
- 2 nail paints
- Toothpick
- Your design and creativity

One never knows what one is going to do.
One starts a painting and then it becomes something quite different.
- Pablo Picasso

Above said words Pablo Picasso become true with me. I thought of drawing something else but ended up with something else. I themed basically for winter to represent blue sky and white snow.. But later on changed my mind to make it as like Christmas tree branches.. do not look so, I think I am pretty close.

With DIY nails I am giving you review on nail lacquers. It's bit late about review but I tried now. So, it's not late for those who have not tried yet. Color name is not mentioned on the bottles, that is why giving some basic color names.
©  Modonika

Sky blue VOV Express Finish Lacquer Review:
- Smooth finish and very runny.
- Soft brush precise application.
- Flawless performance and shinny.
- 1 coat is enough but after second coat you might not feel that much difference.(I applied 1 coat)
- One and half minute (I think) but the bottle says 60 second.
- Last around 3-4 before chipping, good for those who keep changing their nail art but long last up to 7 days as it says.
©  Modonika
White STAY WELL Nail Lacquer :
- Smooth and shinny.
- White shade as perfect to call white.
- Thick and runny.
- Drying time 2-4 minutes.
- Stays up to 5-6 days.

©  Modonika

©  Modonika
©  Modonika
 both the nail paints. For my tree nail DIY, I got lovely compliments from my loved ones and gazing looks. So, I ended up with my review. VOV Quality is good and long lasting. I will further look up for more VOV nail colors.
It is not a sponsored review.

Something to say?
Have you tried and which color?
Please share your experience in comment box.
Next I will come with new color.
Stay Tuned!