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Monday, 21 January 2013

Red Pants Dilemma

Many girls and woman even men always found in dilemma what to wear with color pants? When it comes to Red Pants, It become more difficult to choose top wear. It's because of Red color known as "BOLD and LOUD" color. It's a favorite color of woman with Pinky Pink.

Every woman is just obsessed with red, I am one of them whether red lipstick, red dress, red nail color, red shoes and heels, red bag and clutch, red jewelry piece or red stone ring etc (if it's proper red that a woman want). There is always a never ending list of woman wish. I love to wear black color sweater (That you can see in my previous post) and  in summers, I used to pair my red pants with turquoise color top.

I am giving five red ideas on How to wear with RED PANTS? Here are some styling sets, I am sharing with you.

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