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Monday, 28 January 2013

Republic Day Tri-color Nail DIY

Hi gorgeous all..
Here is my Republic Day Tri-color Nail DIY for you.
This is how I celebrated India's republic day when all were gathering around in function and parties.
I was busy with my nail colors to make something of tri-colors orange, white and green!
So, I thought of making Indian flag on my nails and end up with this.
Love India!!

©  Modonika
Hope you would ♥ it. It's very easy to make. Just follow the steps and get it on your nails.
©  Modonika

©  Modonika

Product Used : Street Wear Nail Paints and Stay Well Nail Paint and Blue Stone color Bindi

This is not a sponsored post!

Tell me how you celebrated Indian Republic Day?
Any suggestions regarding Blog?
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