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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Bakers Lounge Gourmet Bakery Products Review

Hello my sweet friends and lovely readers..
There is a sweet and delicious post for you. Celebrated my brother's birthday 2 days back. I thought to write a Bakers Lounge Gourmet Bakery Products Review because I  them and must share with you. I am sharing my views on a brand Bakers Lounge Gourmet Bakery and Cafeteria shop in my twin city and came up 5 or 6 months back.

BAKER'S LOUNGE products has undoubted taste and rich in variety. I have not visited yet this bakery shop for its products Pastries, Cookies, Snacks, Beverages, Coffee & Tea snacks, Sundaes, Smoothies, Buns and breads. But I tried Bakers Lounge Pineapple Fruit Cake on his birthday, naturally of his choice. It was delicious with simple white looks of vanilla and cherry and pineapple as toppings!

If I was on his place, will choose something unique and special kinda my choice with flowers and chocolates or specially designed for him with some theme. Everyone has a different choice, after all he was the birthday boy, choice gonna be his only! You know, he don't like to celebrate much and all. We usually take dinners out on birthday or any special occasion. I love outing but get rare chances.

So, he brought Fruit cake, American Toast, Dry fruit Muffin, Paneer Masala at home and celebrated with family together.  The things were mouth watering, yummy, delicious and tasty. I took some pics to share it with you.
Fruit cake
They have a wide variety of anniversary and birthday cakes. They are available on order and readily available, too. Let me tell you all things have fantastic prices and quality is good. The cake was incredibly fresh with fresh cream and all it's sponginess. The vanilla cream was light with perfect sweetness. The topping, my favorite cherry dipped in sugar syrup on the cake made my day. I will surely, order my next cake for my mom and dad anniversary from their shop.
Paneer Masala
It was spicy but perfect to eat up. I do not know what was at the top, so, have not eat that.
American Toast, Dry fruit Muffin, Paneer Masala
Love the muffins and toast, they were specially for me. I enjoyed them. :)
I think they are one of best bakers in town, now. It's getting tough for me to taste other eatables from Baker's Lounge.
Dry fruit Muffin

This is for you..enjoy the bite, friends.
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Have you tried Baker's Lounge and what was that?
What's your favorite in their yummy sweet showcase?
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Soon, I will be back with something new!!
Take care and enjoy!
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