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Saturday, 6 April 2013

Handmade Shilps Crafts Explosion Box

HI lovelies..
Today I will introduce you with my favorite DIY and Handicrafts small business "Shilpscrafts" headed by a lovely women and owner Shilpi Gupta. By profession, she is a senior associate in IT. She is doing an incredible work in art & craft just as her favorite hobby. I am sharing here some pictures of Handmade Shilps Crafts Explosion Box that was ordered by me. Its really pretty just like we girls. Made with feminine pink, white flat beads, purple flowers and with all glitters.

Shilpscrafts Moto : "A place to get unique handmade greeting cards for all occassions at a reasonable price. Each card is given personal touch to adore your loved ones."

Work: Personalized birthday cards, valentine cards, Birthdays and anniversary planners, scrapbooks, Explosion boxes and occasion cards etc.
Explosion Box Lid
Inner Look
Cheering girl on side panel
Cheering girl on side panel
Lovely design on side panel with tags
Sparkling Butterfly swinging in the box on four corners when you open Explosion box

Lovely heart on side panel
Quote on side panel
Quote on side panel
Full View of Explosion Box
Every card she makes looks irresistible and adorable. It took some time to reach because of unseen factors but it was worth. I like it very much the color, flowers and design. Everything was great.
You can place order via shilpscrafts blog and also on FB.
Explosion Box: Shilps Crafts
Price: Rs.850 (with courier fee)
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Tell me how is it?
If you will love to have it for you dear ones?