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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Seven Things Must Have in Summers

Sun shining on the head with all it's heat, hot wind blowing through hairs making them rough, giving tan and its remark on skin. What you do to stay from all these troubles? There are few things which can save you from dry, rough, oily skin, burning and skin tan.  Presenting Seven Things Must Have in Summers.  
Sunscreen Lotion with 20, 26 or 30 SPF
RECOMMENDED: Ranbaxy Suncros Aquagel Sunscreen or Lotus Sunscreen

RECOMMENDED: Vaseline Aloevera Body Lotion. Choose according to your skin.

RECOMMENDEDTwo or three fold Umbrella, that is adjustable in women bags.

RECOMMENDED: Pastel or Bright Colorful Light Material Scarf  Cotton, Linen or Georgette.

RECOMMENDED: Long Lasting Fragrances.
 Water Bottle and Fruit
RECOMMENDED: Apple, grapes, oranges and small water bottle with lemon mixed in it.

RECOMMENDED: Wide Sunglasses.
Last but not the least, a wallet with lots of cash to buy new spring/summer fashion to add in your fashion wardrobe.
Tell more what to do add more.

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