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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Blogging Tip and Tricks : Check Blog Worth With Web Analyzer Statscrop

In this post I am will not talk about fashion and beauty!!  It's all about blogging and may be useful for other bloggers in way of blogging tips and tricks.

I have something to share with you specially blog writers and blog. In this world everything has worth whether tiny, small, large or huge. Everything around you has some purpose of their existence and to reach somewhere in life. Have you ever thought where we are in this vast blogging world? If existing or not? Don't get confuse with the's something that related to your blog worth!! What I mean with this?? Let me explain.

Today, I am sharing something important you might or might not have ever tried to know your blog in terms of  "website worth in terms of Alexa rank, page rank, page link, money value, back links, HTML tags, Website status, Google searches, keywords, safe website, Website speed, Reciprocal links, broken links, meta tags, keyword ranking, extract links, Google keyword ranking etc...etc".

I would like to know your page rank?? Do you know?? Or it's 0 like my blog.

If your blog content is suitable and giving enough information and knowledge to your readers. In so much crowd of fashion and beauty blogs, where it stands? If it is searchable in searches index?? You will get all the answers at Statscrop.

How I came to know about Statscrop??
While searching for "Modonika worth" in Google search box just to check out how much my blog worth. I found four links on the first page, I clicked "Statscrop".

You can check out every info regarding your blog/website in a minute. The pages loaded with my website information. I was surprised to see what it included that I never thought of like what are your blog/website rating, blog back linking, how many broken links and do not exist!!  Good thing is that Statscrop help you without taking any cost...Yes, It's FREE.

Modonika rating is 2.5/5.0 stars.
Modonika Alexa Rank: #5,700,064,
Load time: 0.299 seconds
Page Rank : 0
Back links from websites with page rank 1-10 : 3
Searches index on Google, Yahoo, Bing
And much more..!!

It's hitting my mind because this is not what I want. Because I want it to reach at a good point with good content and knowledgeable information. Do you want to reach only at this point after your day night hard work on content?? No one I think. My dream is to make my blog better in terms of everything, It's not easy but not difficult too!! May be in next two years or five years it will improve.. not sure no guarantee. I do not want that much late. What I can do!!

Are you satisfied with your traffic on blog, rankings, content and the number of readers and blogger network??

What is Statscrop??
Statscrop is a free advanced web analyzer which is very simple to use, just type the domain name into search box and submit.

Have a look on the image to know Modonika blog stats :
"Modonika Worth"

I was happy to know everything that no person could tell us(even by taking cost) on the other side, sad too. Sad because it was not good. So many things are missing that helps to increase page rank, back linking, content importance and all the bad sides were no juice passing links, pages full with broken links head you to ERROR 404... Don't know how to fix all these errors and other things.

Good thing is that you can also check favorite websites worth just a single click away in searchbox of statscrop. Check first your blog information and get to work to improve it.

Now, heading towards for Modonika improvement!!

If anybody interested in back linking love for improvement in terms of page rank and SEO purpose, to cross readers and to attract traffic, then drop in message at "" to discuss in detail.

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