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Indian Sponsors

Indian Sponsors:
We would be promoting you ad regularly through Facebook, banners, and links. With you can optimize ads for search engines. Link from Modonika would be a great booster for you and your brand/online shop reputation in all the search engines such as Google, Bing or Yahoo.

Indian resident can upload ad in one week plan - INR 500, make the payment in our bank account and then email us modonika [at] gmail [dot] com. Bank details will be provided only after ad confirmation. The payments are to be made through Bank Transfer (not applicable to Non-Indians. Other countries click HERE for ad space).

The payments for ad space are:
INR 1000 for 2 months 125x125,
INR 3000 for 6 months 300x145,
INR 5000 for 10 month 300x250,
INR 6500 for one year (ad would remain on top in 1 year with size 728x90).

We shall upgrade your ad accordingly. Ad will start from the day you provide info and banner link.
Month will be counted from the start date like 1Feb - 1March or 15 June - 15 July = one month.

For what you are waiting!! Email us modonika [at] gmail [dot] com